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Privacy Policy

We will sell your data to anyone asking for outrageous amounts of mon-... *ahem* Nah, no worries, the only personal data we collect is your email address so that we can send you the invitation for the beta program. Your email address is stored for as long as your participation in the beta program lasts and will only be used to contact you about the program. If you are not invited after the review of your application, and upon termination of the beta program, your email address will be permanently deleted from our records. We will not share it with anyone.


We don't use cookies here. No, really! Unless you're an insider, in which case we'll only give you one delicious cookie so we can remember you when you log in.

As far as third party cookies goes, Google seems to love baking quite a lot. If you wonder about their ingredients, you can read their privacy policy here. Patreon is more subtle about it, they only give you a few. Their privacy policy is here.

Third Parties

The internet is very noisy. Lots of poor bots enslaved to crawl the web and spam us to buy happy pills and to get, well... a certain body part enlargement. To counter this, we use Google's reCAPTCHA. You can read their privacy policy here.

And Patreon of course! We use their neat little widget. Their privacy policy is here.

I'm having deja vu... didn't I just write the same thing a paragraph earlier?


We embrace GDPR, and you should too. Right of access and the right to be forgotten are just a few of the fundamental rights that protect you and me against shady business practices. We are GDPR compliant and will accept any requests pertaining to your personal data.

General Consensus

We greatly value privacy. It's becoming an increasingly scarce good in an ever changing and scary world. Unfortunately some politicians don't quite share the same ideals, with all its devastating consequences. The fact that we value privacy so much is one of many reasons we will never show ads or include any social media tracking shenanigans, not here and not on any of our other sites.